Holy Crap This is the Best Thing You'll See Today

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I love Petra Haden. I love Journey. What would be better than Petra Haden doing an acapella version of Journey's "Don't Stop Believin"? How about Petra Haden doing an acapella version of Journey's "Don't Stop Believin" with an utterly insane video to accompany it:

Thanks to Karen Meisner for pointing this out to me. It's scary how well she's got me pegged.

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Janiece said:

My goodness. Now I'll have the image of that red-headed dude in a tutu burned into my brain for the rest of the day. How very odd.

Kelsey said:

Awesome! Personally, I've never done drugs, but I enjoy the work of those who have.

Dan Savage Reader said:

she's got me pegged

John, you may be a little behind the slang:
pegging in your beloved wikipedia.

John Scalzi said:


You know, a word can mean more than one thing.

marnie said:

This video has changed my life. I hope that some day, i can aspire to be a fried egg mascot and meet the calculator mascot of my dreams, then chase a watermelon mascot into a warehouse with a huge mascot rave going on. I am dreaming the american dream.

David Blumgart said:

Five minutes ago I knew nothing about Petra Haden, and believed I knew everything I needed to about Journey. But that video is quite wonderful. Thank you, Karen and John.

Wow. So cool. I adore Petra Haden (whom I only first encountered when she was with the Decemberists), and this is spectacularly weird and excellent.

Tim Walker said:

She's got us *both* pegged, John.

I especially love the a capella version of the Dickie Schon speed-riffwork.

Rob Thornton said:

Petra Haden also does a bang-up acapella take on "The Who Sell Out." I'm extraordinarily partial to her version of "I Can See For Miles" but I've always loved that tune.

Karen said:

I'm glad you like it :) My favorite bit is the touch of Wilson-Phillips she throws in at the end.

Dan said:

That video has Scalzi written all over it. Kind of spooky when musicians get into your head, isn't it?

jason said:

I don't think I'll ever look at people in bizarre mascot costumes the same way ever again... that was seriously weird.

You know, when an egg finds the calculator of her dreams, it always makes me a bit misty.

Alex said:

Up there with Moxy Fruvous's a capella version of "Breakfast at Tiffaniy's." Thanks.


Musician said:

Who's Petra Haden? Does she have nice teets? Anyway, most of this was done with samplers. Nice job though!

Brian said:

I have no idea who Petra Hayden is but .. I think I like her very much.

I'll never heard the original in the same way. I am not sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing.

Marc Moskowitz said:

Whoa. I was actually listening to the original when I saw this post.

Camron said:

I'm a little creeped out, actually.

ditto said:

Very funny yet strangely disturbing.

Adam Ziegler said:

Holy crap. That was the best thing I've seen all day.

Christopher Hawley said:

John, once again you've unsettled us – and impressed us &ndash at the same time. Petra Haden, you're in my bookmarks …

… after Lili Haydn. It's not alphabetic, it's just me. Sorry.

New site layout looks fairly decent. One does hope that continuity with older threads/comments will be reinstated (in your copious free time, to be sure).

Adam said:

This is such an absolutely disgraceful rendition of an incredible song. The spoken word bridge over the effect sounds is an absolute heresy to perhaps the best part of the track. I don't have to know who Petra Hayden is... but I damn sure will never listen to anything she does again by choice. I hope Steve Perry beats her and that red headed guy into unconsciousness for defaming the song.

John Scalzi said:


"This is such an absolutely disgraceful rendition of an incredible song."

Eh. I brook no claimants to Journey love greater than I, and I say it's pretty damn good. And you really are missing out if you don't listen to more of Petra Haden. Her acapella version of "God Only Knows" from the beach boys is second only to the original.

Kerri said:

hey guys -

thanks for posting this video, Karen!

people keep sending me links upon links of websites that have been nice and supportive enough to post the video. i'm impressed with the buzz it's been getting.

i wrote and directed this music video for the Guilt By Association album -- if you're in New York you should definitely check out the album's kick off launch party @ Pianos on Tuesday, 8/21 @ 7:00 p.m. The video will be making its big screen premiere there and I along with the rest of the Juicebox Films team will be hanging out.

So thanks for the comments, mean or nice :)
it's great to hear the feedback

- kerri doherty

kerri said:

* amendment: thanks to JOHN for posting this.

(although i'm sure you're lovely as well, Karen)


Meghan said:

A bunch of my friends worked on this video! My roommate can't stop playing this song now -- it is totally incredible.

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